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A semicylindrical acoustic transducer was constructed using a dielectric elastomer film with compliant electrodes that is an electroactive polymer composed of a polyurethane elastomer base and polyethylene dioxythiophene/polystyrene sulfonate electrodes. The use of this dielectric elastomer is advantageous because polyurethane is a common material that(More)
The atmospheric pressure non-thermal plasma is very active and can decompose various toxic gaseous materials. The authors are engaged in decomposing various VOCs (volatile organic compounds) by using the high pressure non-thermal plasma. In order to improve the decomposition energy efficiency of the plasma reactor, new manganese-dioxide supported alumina(More)
A lightweight push-pull acoustic transducer using dielectric elastomer films was proposed for use in advanced audio systems in homes. The push-pull structure consists of two dielectric elastomer films developed to serve as an electroactive polymer. The transducer utilizes the change in the surface area of the dielectric elastomer film, induced by an(More)
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