Kazuhito Shiratori

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In this paper, we propose the soap bubble display method that the image can be projected to the real soap bubbles that white smoke entered. The position and the size of soap bubbles tossed in the air are detected with the camera. By projecting the image only to the position with the projector, the soap bubble display is realized. And the image and the sound(More)
Trampobics is an aerobics training method using a mini trampoline. It substantially decreases damage to the joints compared with aerobics on the floor. The benefits of trampobics include an improvement in balance, more active internal organs, and burning of fat. Thus, trampobics promotes a healthy posture[1][2]. Today some people engage in trampobics in(More)
Breathing is the most basic requirement for having good health. However, unhealthy breathing like overbreathing and hyperventilation will happened easily without any awareness. We propose an experimental breathing movement exercise system-Virtual Blowgun System (VBS), offering an easy way of breathing exercise, for people of different physical strength,(More)
YOTARO is a baby-type robot developed to create a new communication perspective between robots and humans through interaction experience based on the reproduction of a baby's behaviors and user actions. YOTARO exhibits different emotions and reactions, such as smiling, crying, sleeping, sneezing, and expressing anger. It is controlled by an emotion control(More)
Trampobics is known as a kind of an aerobics training method with a mini trampoline. This method can reduce damage on the joint of legs than the aerobics with the floor aspect. In addition, trampobics promotes the consumption of the fat cell and takes a balance of the internal organs. Thus, trampobics promotes a healthy posture. In late years people of wide(More)
We propose the wellness entertainment system Versatile Training Field (VTF). In this system, we use the flexible foot interface as the input device. The system enables the user to move and jump freely in VR space by exaggerated movement corresponding to walking or jumping on the mini trampoline of the flexible foot interface. Improvements in exercise(More)
In this paper, we propose a model of 'negotiation of meaning' for a task-based language training online game. In the process of acquiring language skill through task-based learning, it is important for learners to try to convey information to one another and reach mutual comprehension through restating, clarifying, and confirming information via the process(More)
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