Kazuhito Murakami

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This paper proposes an adaptive scheduling method using anytime algorithm under such a condition that the processing time is restricted or is not enough. By using typical image processing procedure as an example, this paper discusses how to modify conventional image processing algorithms to anytime algorithmic image processing, modeling of time-precision(More)
Facial caricaturing should be discussed f r o m mul t i ple viewpoints of three relations among the model, t he caricaturist and the gallery. Fur thermore , s o m e k inds of interactive m e c h a n i s m should be required between the caricaturist and the gallery. In this paper, we propose a dynamic and interactive caricaturing sy s t em. In OUT sys tem,(More)
This paper describes a method for cooperative play among 3 robots in order to score a goal in the RoboCup Small Size League. In RoboCup 2005 Osaka, our team introduced a new attacking play, where one robot kicks a ball and the other receives and immediately shoots the ball on goal. However, due to the relatively slow kicking speed of the robot, top opponent(More)
One of the typical cooperative actions is the pass play in RoboCup small-size league. This paper presents three technical key features to realize robust pass play between robots. The first one is the high resolution image processing to detect the positions and orientations of the robots. The second one is the control algorithm to move and adjust the robots(More)
A time domain simulation method for analyzing the circuit operation of ring resonator and traveling-wave loop directional filters is developed. The numerical analysis model constructed with single transmission lines is based on the modified central difference method. In which the part of the coupled line is analyzed by systematic mixed even- and odd-mode(More)