Kazuhisa Nakasho

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In this article, we formalize topological properties of real nor-med spaces. In the first few parts, open and closed, density, separability and sequence and its convergence are discussed. Then we argue properties of real normed subspace. In the middle of the article, we discuss linear functions between real normed speces. Several kinds of subspaces induced(More)
In this article, we formalize some basic facts of Z-module. In the first section, we discuss the rank of submodule of Z-module and its properties. Especially, we formally prove that the rank of any Z-module is equal to or more than that of its submodules, and vice versa, there exists a submodule with any given rank that satisfies the above condition. In the(More)
In this article, we formalize a torsion Z-module and a torsion-free Z-module. Especially, we prove formally that finitely generated torsion-free Z-modules are finite rank free. We also formalize properties related to rank of finite rank free Z-modules. The notion of Z-module is necessary for solving lattice problems, LLL (Lenstra, Lenstra, and Lovász) base(More)
The purpose of this project is to collect symbol information in the Mizar Mathematical Library and manipulate it into practical and organized documentation. Inspired by the MathWiki project and API reference systems for computer programs, we developed a documentation generator focusing on symbols for the HTML-ized Mizar library. The system has several(More)
In this article, the separability of real normed spaces and its properties are mainly formalized. In the first section, it is proved that a real normed subspace is separable if it is generated by a countable subset. We used here the fact that the rational numbers form a dense subset of the real numbers. In the second section, the basic properties of the(More)
In this article, the equivalent expressions of the direct sum decomposition of groups are mainly discussed. In the first section, we formalize the fact that the internal direct sum decomposition can be defined as normal subgroups and some of their properties. In the second section, we formalize an equivalent form of internal direct sum of of commutative(More)
In this article, direct sum decomposition of group is mainly discussed. In the second section, support of element of direct product group is defined and its properties are formalized. It is formalized here the fact that an element of direct product group belongs to its direct sum if and only if support of the element is finite. In the third section, product(More)
In this paper we formalized some theorems concerning the cyclic groups of prime power order. We formalize that every commutative cyclic group of prime power order is isomorphic to a direct product of family of cyclic groups [1], [18]. Let G be a finite group. The functor Ordset(G) yielding a subset of N is defined by the term (Def. 1) the set of all ord(a)(More)
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