Kazuhisa Koizumi

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The Drosophila central nervous system comprises an enormous diversity of neurons that are originated from neuronal stem cells, neuroblasts. They generate a specific series of ganglion mother cells, each of which is once cleaved into a pair of neurons. Among genes known to control neurogenesis, prospero (pros) was recently identified as a gene required for(More)
The small GTPase RhoD regulates actin cytoskeleton to collapse actin stress fibers and focal adhesions, resulting in suppression of cell migration and cytokinesis. It also induces alignment of early endosomes along actin filaments and reduces their motility. We show here that a constitutively activated RhoD generated two types of actin-containing thin(More)
A novel benzimidazole molecule that was identified in a small-molecule screen and is known as antibiofilm compound 1 (ABC-1) has been found to prevent bacterial biofilm formation by multiple bacterial pathogens, including Staphylococcus aureus, without affecting bacterial growth. Here, the biofilm inhibiting ability of 156 μM ABC-1 was tested in various(More)
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