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The effects of asymmetrical tension on the vibratory pattern of the vocal cords were studied in two kinds of experiments: 1) high speed motion picture photography of artificial voice production in excised canine and human larynges, and 2) computer synthesis of voice and vocal cord vibration via a theoretical model incorporating the physiological parameters(More)
We use a vocal-cord/vocal-tract model devised earlier to study acoustic effects of the air volume displaced by the vibrating vocal cords. We consider both lateral and longitudinal motion of the cords. We make computer simulations to establish quantitatively the contribution of the displacement current to the total glottal volume velocity (and hence to the(More)
To improve effective performance and usability of shared memory multiprocessor systems, a multi-grain compilation scheme, which hierarchically exploits coarse grain paral-lelism among loops, subroutines and basic blocks, conventional loop parallelism and near fine grain parallelism among statements inside a basic block, is important. In order to efficiently(More)
This paper proposes a simple and efficient implementation method for a hierarchical coarse grain task parallel processing scheme on a SMP machine. OSCAR multigrain parallelizing compiler automatically generates parallelized code including OpenMP directives and its performance is evaluated on a commercial SMP machine. The coarse grain task parallel(More)
We present an effective power reduction scheme for recent mobile devices, e.g., Android devices, which tend to have problems with battery life because some of their applications may be running continuous sensor operations. We propose a context-aware method to determine the minimum set of resources (processor cores and peripherals) that results in meeting a(More)
This paper describes multigrain parallel processing on a compiler cooperative chip multiprocessor. The multigrain parallel processing hierarchically exploits multiple grains of parallelism such as coarse grain task parallelism, loop iteration level parallelism and statement level near-fine grain parallelism. The chip multiprocessor has been designed to(More)
This paper describes performance of OSCAR multigrain par-allelizing compiler on various SMP servers, such as IBM pSeries 690, Sun Fire V880, Sun Ultra 80, NEC TX7/i6010 and SGI Altix 3700. The OS-CAR compiler hierarchically exploits the coarse grain task parallelism among loops, subroutines and basic blocks and the near fine grain paral-lelism among(More)