Kazuhiro Yoshimitsu

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Extreme skeletal muscle atrophy is rampant in astronauts exposed to extended periods of microgravity (muG), and it is one of the main problems in human space exploration. A "Hybrid training" (HYB) method utilizing combined electrical stimulation and voluntary muscle contraction has been developed as a possible solution. A wearable HYB device and a virtual(More)
Since a wheelchair was originally designed as a transportation vehicle for people who can not walk well due to the degenerative muscles of legs in the case elderly and disabled persons, it was not considered to use lower limbs to drive a wheelchair. Wheelchairs driven by arms cause a shoulder disorder, atrophy of leg muscles and a contracture of leg joints.(More)
BACKGROUND Musculoskeletal atrophy is one of the major problems of extended periods of exposure to weightlessness such as on the International Space Station (ISS). We developed the Hybrid Training System (HTS) to maintain an astronaut's musculoskeletal system using an electrically stimulated antagonist to resist the volitional contraction of the agonist(More)
"Hybrid exercise" utilizing combined electrical stimulation and voluntary muscle contraction has been developed as a muscle exercise method. Although our previous studies have confirmed the effectiveness of the procedure, the mechanisms of its efficacy still remain unclear. In the present study, we identified genes that are specifically expressed in disused(More)
BACKGROUND The massive cuff stitch (MCS) is known to be a strong suture, suitable for rotator cuff repair. We modified this technique for massive cuff tears by employing a horizontal medial mattress suture from an anchor as well as a vertically crossing transosseous suture. METHODS We included 42 patients with massive cuff tears suitable for repair: 22(More)
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