Kazuhiro Yamabuki

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To exploit high wind conditions, wind turbine generator systems are constructed in places with few tall structures; as a consequence, they are often struck by lightning. This results in breakdown and malfunction of electrical, communications, and control systems inside and adjacent to the wind turbine generator system because of ground potential rise.(More)
Optically active 4-alkyl-2-ethynyloxazoline derivatives (BnEOx) were polymerized with rhodium catalysts. The polymerization in toluene produced polymer with the highest absolute values of specific rotation ([α](D) = -77.3°). The yields, molecular weights, and specific rotations of poly(BnEOx)s were influenced by polymerization conditions. The(More)
Seven novel types of acetylene monomers, 4-oxo-4-(prop-2-ynyloxy)butanoic acid ester derivatives (PSRs), having ester groups of 4¢-substituted phenyl (PSPRs: –H1⁄4PSP; –CN1⁄4PSPCN; –OCH31⁄4PSPOC1) or 4¢-substituted biphenyl (PSBPRs: –H1⁄4PSBP; –CN1⁄4PSBPCN; –OCH31⁄4PSBPOC1; –O(CH2)5CH31⁄4PSBPOC6) as a pendant group were synthesized from(More)
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