Kazuhiro Tobe

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We systematically construct gauge-mediated supersymmetry(SUSY)-breaking models with direct transmission of SUSY-breaking effects to the standard-model sector. We obtain a natural model with the gravitino mass m 3/2 smaller than 1 keV as required from the standard cosmology. If all Yukawa coupling constants are of order one, the SUSY-breaking scale m SU SY(More)
Various lepton-flavor violating (LFV) processes in the supersymmetric standard model with right-handed neutrino supermultiplets are investigated in detail. It is shown that large LFV rates are obtained when tan β is large. In the case where the mixing matrix in the lepton sector has a similar structure as the Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix and the(More)
In this paper we study the experimental consequences of a theory which naturally has a heavy, stable (or almost stable) gluino. We define the boundary conditions at a messenger scale M ∼ 10 14 GeV which lead to this alternative phenomenologically acceptable version of the minimal supersymmetric standard model. In this theory, either the gluino or the(More)
Web-based malware attacks have become one of the most serious threats that need to be addressed urgently. Several approaches that have attracted attention as promising ways of detecting such malware include employing various blacklists. However, these conventional approaches often fail to detect new attacks owing to the versatility of malicious websites.(More)
In the light of recent experimental data on gaugino searches, we revisit the direct-transmission model of dynamical supersymmery breaking with the gravitino mass m ˜ G ≤ 16 eV, which does not have any cosmological or astrophysical problems. We find that in the consistent regions of parameter space, the model predicts not only upper bounds on superparticle(More)
In the light of the recent muon (g µ − 2) result by the E821 experiment at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, we study the event rates of the charged lepton-flavour-violating (LFV) processes in the supersymmetric standard model (SUSY SM) with the heavy right-handed neutrinos (SUSY seesaw model). Since the left-handed sleptons get the LFV masses via the(More)
We study Higgs boson production and decay in a certain class of Little Higgs models with T-parity in which some T-parity partners of the Standard Model (SM) fermions gain their masses through Yukawa-type couplings. We find that the Higgs boson production cross section of a 120 GeV Higgs boson at the CERN LHC via gg fusion process at one-loop level could be(More)
We compute corrections to precision electroweak observables in supersymmetry in the limit that scalar superpartners are very massive and decoupled. This leaves charginos and neutralinos and a Standard Model-like Higgs boson as the only states with unknown mass substantially affecting the analysis. We give complete formulas for the chargino and neutralino(More)