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Fundamental Study of Mover Travel Inside a Small Diameter Pipe.
This paper is experimental study of a pipe inside vibrating mover which is composed of a piezo-electric element. Mover travels inside a very small pipe having 11 millimeters and 4 millimetersExpand
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Development of new nickel based catalyst for tar reforming with superior resistance to sulfur poisoning and coking in biomass gasification
Abstract Gasification of tar by catalytic steam reforming was examined in the gasification process of biomass, such as dried sewage sludge and wood chips. The tar reforming characteristics of theExpand
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The Relationship Between Water Structure and Blood Compatibility in Poly(2-methoxyethyl Acrylate) (PMEA) Analogues.
Six types of poly(2-methoxyethyl acrylate) (PMEA) analogues were synthesized and the water structure in the hydrated polymers was characterized using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). TheExpand
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Room-Temperature Epitaxial Growth of High Quality AlN on SiC by Pulsed Sputtering Deposition
AlN films have been grown on atomically flat 6H-SiC (0001) C-polarity substrates by pulsed sputtering deposition (PSD) at room temperature (RT). Stepped and terraced structures were clearly observedExpand
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Highly efficient sulfur and coking resistance catalysts for tar gasification with steam
Abstract Ni-on-dolomite catalysts were found to be effective catalysts for coking resistance and promising sulfur tolerance for steam reforming of tar. Experiments were carried out in a fixed bedExpand
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Infrared Absorption Study of Human Proinsulin C-Peptide Fragments in the Solid State
In order to evaluate the propriety of the solubility prediction method for peptide intermediates having polar side chains, IR absorption spectroscopic analysis of human proinsulin C-peptide fragmentsExpand
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Formation of supramolecular nanobelt arrays consisting of cobalt(II) "picket-fence" porphyrin on Au surfaces.
Adlayers of cobalt(II) 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(alpha,alpha,alpha,alpha-2-pivalamidophenyl)porphyrin (CoTpivPP) were prepared by immersing either Au(111) or Au(100) substrate in a benzene solutionExpand
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Regulation of the Contribution of Integrin to Cell Attachment on Poly(2-Methoxyethyl Acrylate) (PMEA) Analogous Polymers for Attachment-Based Cell Enrichment
Cell enrichment is currently in high demand in medical engineering. We have reported that non-blood cells can attach to a blood-compatible poly(2-methoxyethyl acrylate) (PMEA) substrate throughExpand
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Synthesis and Thrombogenicity Evaluation of Poly(3-methoxypropionic acid vinyl ester): A Candidate for Blood-Compatible Polymers.
A poly(vinyl acetate) derivative, poly(3-methoxypropionic acid vinyl ester) (PMePVE), was synthesized to develop a new candidate for blood compatible polymers. The monomer MePVE was synthesized by aExpand
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Design of In-Wheel Permanent Magnet Vernier Machine to reduce the armature current density
Permanent magnet vernier machines, PMVM, have magnetic gear effect, which yields a large torque and increases torque per current. We, the authors, have focused on an outer rotor type in-wheel machineExpand
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