Kazuhiro Sakashita

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In this paper, we propose an active scanning system using multiple projectors and cameras to acquire a dense entire shape of the object with a single scan (a.k.a. ones hot scan). One of the potential application of the system is to capture a moving object with high frame-rate. Since the pattern used for ones hot scan is usually complicated and those(More)
In this paper, we propose a method to reconstruct the shapes of moving objects. The proposed method is a projector-camera system that reconstructs a shape from a single image where a static pattern is cast by a projector; such a method is ideal for acquisition of moving objects at a high frame rate. The issues tackled in this paper are as follows: 1)(More)
One of promising approach to reconstruct a 3D shape is a projector-camera system that projects structured light pattern. One of the problem of this approach is that it has difficulty to obtain texture simultaneously because the texture is interfered by the illumination by the projector. The system proposed in this paper overcomes this issue by separating(More)
Service robots for daily work activities have been anticipated for several years even though it is difficult for companies to estimate their market demand and future usage. To overcome these problems, various types of robots are to be developed and verified by demonstration tasks using standard software. If many developers use the standard software to(More)
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