Kazuhiro Ozawa

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We measured the levels of some biological metals: copper (Cu), iron (Fe), magnesium (Mg), manganese (Mn), and zinc (Zn) in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in patients with neurodegenerative diseases (52 patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)), 21 patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD), and 20 patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) by inductively(More)
Noroviruses are the leading cause of outbreaks of gastroenteritis in the world. At present, norovirus genogroup II, genotype 4 (GII/4), strains are the most prevalent in many countries. In this study we investigated 55 outbreaks and 35 sporadic cases of norovirus-associated gastroenteritis in food handlers in food-catering settings between 10 November 2005(More)
The mitochondrial ribosomal protein L2 gene (rpl2) is coded by two exons of 840 and 669 bp separated by an intron sequence of 1481 bp in the rice mitochondrial genome. The rpl2 gene is located three nucleotides upstream of the ribosomal protein S19 gene (rps19) and both genes are co-transcribed. cDNA sequence analysis indentified splicing of the intron(More)
To investigate the relationship between the degree of liver dysfunction and the pharmacokinetics of docetaxel, a population pharmacokinetic model was developed in an oncology practice without excluding patients with moderate to severe liver dysfunction. Two hundred patients were treated with docetaxel as a single agent or in combination chemotherapy. The(More)
Nucleotide-sequence analysis showed that the gene for cytochrome oxidase subunit I (coxl) from tomato mitochondrial DNA has an ACG codon at a conserved position corresponding to an ATG initiation codon in other higher-plant coxl genes. cDNA-sequence analysis of the coxl transcripts showed that 15 positions in the genomic DNA were converted from C to U in(More)
A fundamental study was focused on the investigation of wireless power transmission by near-fi eld coupling from the view point of the antennas. Two types of antennas – dipole and loop antennas – were used as the transmitting antenna and the receiving antenna for electrical near-fi eld coupling and for magnetic near-fi eld coupling, respectively. The(More)
The present study describes a population pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) analysis based on data obtained from cancer patients treated with docetaxel at the National Cancer Center Hospital East in Japan. Docetaxel was infused intravenously over 1 h every 3 weeks, and time courses of absolute neutrophil counts (ANC) for a total of 395 observations(More)
Fever occurring in a neutropenic patient remains a common life-threatening complication of cancer chemotherapy, and febrile neutropenia (FN) is recognized as a dose-limiting factor (DLF) in cancer chemotherapy. The aim of this study is to evaluate the significant covariate associated with the risk of FN occurrence in Japanese patients. A stepwise logistic(More)
We analyzed the expression of MTs using immunohistochemistry on the spinal cords of patients with ALS (n =12) and controls (n =12). The immunoreactivities of both MT-1/2 and MT-3 stained dominantly in glial cells and were decreased in the spinal cords of patients with ALS, particularly in patients on respirators. The immunoreactivity of MT-1/2 in the ALS(More)
This study was aimed to perform clinical trial simulations to evaluate the dose reduction strategy of docetaxel for Japanese patients with liver dysfunction, which we previously proposed. For this purpose, a log-binominal regression (LBR) was performed for febrile neutropenia (FN) induced by docetaxel in these patients. A LBR analysis was conducted using(More)