Kazuhiro Nakatani

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Angiogenesis is considered to play an important role in the development of malignant brain tumors, especially glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). Abnormal vascular construction with a glomeruloid appearance is characteristic of GBM. beta-catenin is known as one of the adhesive molecules associated not only with cell adhesion and cell polarity, but also with(More)
A case of persistent primitive proatlantal intersegmental artery (PPPIA) associated with a ruptured basilar bifurcation aneurysm was reported. A 44-year-old male with sudden headache was admitted to our hospital. CT scan revealed subarachnoid hemorrhage. Cerebral angiography revealed anomalous anastomosis between the internal carotid artery and the(More)
OBJECTIVES Atherosclerotic lesions of the coronary arteries are the pathological basis for myocardial infarction and ischemic cardiomyopathy. Progression of heart failure after myocardial infarction is associated with cardiac remodeling, which has been studied by means of coronary ligation in mice. However, this ligation model requires excellent techniques.(More)
Although many studies have reported that odorants can elicit inhibitory responses as well as excitatory responses in vertebrate olfactory receptor neurons, the cellular mechanisms that underlie this inhibition are unclear. Here we examine the inhibitory effect of odorants on newt olfactory receptor neurons using whole cell patch clamp recording. At high(More)
A polymorphism in the angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE) gene has been associated with cerebrovascular diseases as a new potent risk factor. The purpose of this study was to investigate an association of the gene polymorphism with intracranial saccural aneurysmal patients. The study population consisted of 83 aneurysmal patients (age range 41-85 years)(More)
The relationship between hyperperfusion and temporary clipping was evaluated to determine the safe limit for the duration of temporary clipping in aneurysm surgery. Twenty-one patients surgically treated for a ruptured aneurysm were examined using xenon-enhanced computed tomography on postoperative days 4 to 13. Eight of the 16 patients undergoing temporary(More)
Deleted in colorectal carcinoma (DCC) gene has been as a candidate of tumor suppressor genes, has been identified recently and is thought to relate to the metastatic potential in some cancers. We examined the gene in 60 human gliomas (26 glioblastomas multiforme (GBMs), 16 anaplastic astrocytomas (AAs), 6 low grade astrocytomas (LGAs) of WHO Grade II, and(More)
The records of 33 adult patients with supratentorial World Health Organization grade II astrocytoma (A-II) treated between January 1980 and April 1997 at our hospitals were retrospectively reviewed. All tumours were surgically resected or biopsied and their MIB-1 labelling indices (LIs) were less than 1.5%. The median time to tumour progression after the(More)