Kazuhiro Nagaura

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The dependence on electric power has been ever increasing and power outages have many social and economic influences. Therefore, preventive control on normal operating conditions becomes important and will be more desired in power system operations. In this paper, we pay attention to one of the most important indices for transient stability, critical(More)
The primary research objective is to manufacture quartz resonators that can oscillate elastic waves with a single wavelength and a precise directional performance. This objective has been the dream of many researchers since the discovery of the piezoelectric effect of quartz in 1880 by the brothers Pierre and Jacques Curie who brought into being the(More)
Research objective of swapping chuck is to manufacture quartz resonators of primary oscillation without any spurious signals due to the finely aligned optical axis. After basic geometry of cylinder and sphere is reviewed, this rallying two chucks was discovered in order completely to match an optical axis of the dual convex lens to two machining axes of(More)
Our research objective is to make two single-sided inverted-mesa type concave resonators on a quartz blank by etching process for bio-sensors and so forth. Then three kind of concave blanks were made for different resonating frequencies. By using dual-face polishing machine, the first blank was formed to be concave as 0.5 mum from front and rear sides(More)
The objective of this research is to develop a quartz resonator as a biosensor by a simultaneous formation of double identical convex lens-type shape on one quartz blank in order to compare measured receptor data with another control surface sample without any measuring error. When one quartz plate is processed to make two quartz pockets in the identical(More)
Comparative studies were conducted on two forms of Porphyra lacerata Miura (Bangiales, Rhodophyta). Growth, morphological characteristics and maturation were compared in small epiphytic forms collected from Banda, Chiba Prefecture and large epilithic forms from Enoshima, Kanagawa Prefecture. Germlings of both types were cultured at temperatures of 10, 15(More)
The objective of this research is to study electric characteristics of double identical two-steps quartz resonators in two concave lens-shapes on one quartz blank. After two concave quartz pockets of single-sided inverted mesa type were made by chemical etching, they were machined from front and rear sides by a dual-face polishing table, and we discovered(More)
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