Kazuhiro Matsuda

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Recent improvements in network technology enable network communications in various social organizations and enable various social organizations to be virtualized in networks. We named the mass of virtual organizations " cyber-society ". A " person " in cyber-society needs to establish secure communication associations with multiple virtual organizations.(More)
Mycoplasma fermentans possesses unique α-glycolipid antigens (GGPL-I and GGPL-III) at the cytoplasm membrane, which carry a phosphocholine group at the sugar primary (6-OH) position. This paper describes a practical synthetic pathway to a GGPL-I homologue (C(16:0)) and its diastereomer, in which our one-pot α-glycosylation method was effectively applied.(More)
In our previous work, we have proposed a new VPN architecture for enabling user-based multiply associated VPNs. In this paper, we implement a prototype system of a VPN that enables users to be associated with multiple VPNs using existing network technologies for demonstrating the feasibility of our architecture and for clarifying the service image of a(More)