Kazuhiro Kusano

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In this paper, we present a design of OpenMP compiler for an SMP cluster. Although clusters of SMPs are expected to be one of the cost-e ective parallel computing platforms, both of inter and intra node parallelism must be exploited to achieve high performance. These two levels of structure complicate parallel programming. The OpenMP is an emerging standard(More)
We developed an OpenMP compiler, called Omni. This paper describes a performance evaluation of the Omni OpenMP compiler. We take two commercial OpenMP C compilers, the KAI GuideC and the PGI C compiler, for comparison. Microbenchmarks and a program in Parkbench are used for the evaluation. The results using a SUN Enterprise 450 with four processors show the(More)
In this paper, we present some compiler optimization techniques for explicit parallel programs using OpenMP API. To enable optimizations across threads, we designed data ow analysis techniques in which interaction between threads is e ectively modeled. Structured description of parallelism and relaxed memory consistency in OpenMP make the analyses e ective(More)
Real application codes in OpenMP obviously measure the performance of OpenMP programming on the real problems. Although this is ultimately what the end-user wants, the full real applications are often complex and large. In order to obtain a guide to the performance of OpenMP parallel programs in any given parallel systems, kernel and synthetic benchmarks(More)
This paper presents methods for generating communication on compiling HPF programs for distributed-memory machines. We introduce the concept of an iteration template corresponding to an iteration space. Our HPF compiler performs the loop iteration mapping through the twolevel mapping of the iteration template in the same way as the data mapping is performed(More)
Ninf is a middleware for building a global computing system in wide area network environments. We designed and implemented a Ninf computational component, netCFD for CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). The Ninf Remote Procedure Call (RPC) provides an interface to a parallel CFD program running on any high performance platforms. The netCFD turns high(More)
In this paper, we present parallel implementations of the sparse Cholesky factorization kernel in the SPLASH-2 programs to evaluate performance of a Pentium Pro based SMP cluster. Solaris threads and remote memory operations are utilized for intranode parallelism and internode communications, respectively. Sparse Cholesky factorization is a typical(More)
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