Kazuhiro Hattori

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BACKGROUND Reactive oxygen species generated by neutrophils are closely correlated with the pathogenesis of a variety of inflammatory skin diseases. The aim of this study was to investigate the possible role of reactive oxygen species generated by neutrophils in the mediation of acne inflammation. METHODS Bacterial phagocytotic stimuli, mediated by(More)
Fifteen children with atopic dermatitis who had Bifidobacterium-deficient microflora were selected for this study. Eight subjects in the bifidobacteria-administered group were given oral administration of lyophilized bifidobacteria (Bifidobacterium breve M-16V strain). The changes in fecal microflora and clinical symptoms were compared with the control(More)
gestation, a right-sided abdominal cyst was noted within a male fetus (Fig.1a). US examinations at 4-week intervals thereafter (Fig.1) showed that the size of the mass increased parallel with the fetal size. Physical examination at birth was normal. Postnatal US (Fig.2) confirmed the prenatal findings, and showed a cystic mass with a thin wall above the(More)
This paper deals with the singular behavior of the diffraction of transverse magnetic (TM) waves by a perfectly conductive triangular periodic surface at a low grazing limit of incidence. The wave field above the highest excursion of the surface is represented as a sum of Floquet modes with modified diffraction amplitudes, whereas the wave field inside a(More)
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