Kazuhiro Hashiguchi

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We investigated the serum macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) levels of palmoplantar pustulosis patients, before and after the tonsillar provocation test. Higher serum MIF levels of palmoplantar pustulosis patients were decreased after the tonsillar provocation test (n=29). To confirm these phenomena, two patients with acute tonsillitis had their(More)
OBJECTIVE In practical guidelines for management of allergic rhinitis in Japan, pranlukast is a leukotriene receptor antagonist recommended for the treatment of pollinosis. However, the effect of pranlukast on nasal symptoms for cedar pollinosis has not been thoroughly investigated. The aim of this study is to examine this effect in a double-blind(More)
Objective: To determine the efficacy of the antihistamine bepotastine on treating nasal symptoms in patients with Japanese cedar and cypress pollinosis, based on two previous studies that looked at bepotastine OD's inhibitory effect on symptom onset after exposure. Design and methods: Randomized double-blind placebo controlled, parallel study. Twenty-eight(More)
OBJECTIVE This double-blind, placebo-controlled comparative study was designed to investigate whether pranlukast dry syrup, a leukotriene receptor antagonist, has a protective effect against priming, controlled pollen exposure, and natural pollen exposure in children with Japanese cedar pollinosis. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Thirty children aged 12-15(More)
OBJECTIVE This study investigated the clinical efficacy of a combination therapy of levocetirizine (LCTZ) and fluticasone furoate nasal spray (FFNS), compared with LCTZ monotherapy, for the suppression of seasonal allergic rhinitis (SAR) symptoms induced in an artificial exposure chamber. METHODS This study was a single-center, placebo-controlled,(More)
OBJECTIVE The study objective was to investigate the prophylactic efficacy of montelukast (MLK) 10 mg in suppressing seasonal allergic rhinitis (SAR) symptoms induced by Japanese cedar (JC) pollen and to determine how many days before exposure to JC in the artificial exposure chamber (OHIO chamber) would be optimal to start administration. METHODS This(More)
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