Kazuhiro Harada

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By pointing your index and middle fingers downward and make strides with them, you have what looks like a walking hand. <i>Whadget</i> is an interactive animation which uses a system that distinguishes various personified gesture motions of a hand such as walking on fingertips. By assigning a bare hand as an independent character by itself, users are able(More)
Breast skin-line estimation and breast segmentation from its background is an important pre-process in mammogram image processing and computer-aided diagnosis of breast cancer. Ultimate goal of this pre-processing task is to recognize the breast tissue region on a mammogram and limit the area to be processed into a specific target region. This will increase(More)
BACKGROUND Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis (AHC) is a highly contagious enterovirus infection of the conjunctiva and cornea. Coxsackievirus A24 variant (CA24v) is one of its etiological agents. We report a clinical, epidemiological, and virological analysis of a large epidemic of AHC that occurred from May to September, 2011, in Okinawa, Japan. METHODS(More)
We investigated the effect of tree cover, forest patch and disturbances on tree species richness in a highly diverse conservation area of northeast Bangladesh. A systematic sampling protocol was adopted and 80 sub-plots from twenty five 1 ha plots were used for the vegetation survey. Linear regression analysis was performed to understand the effect of patch(More)
Our research is about interactions using personified gesture movements of a hand. Multi-touch gesture interaction has become a popular genre for usage both commercial and experimental alike, as they are being applied to various interfaces. However, those fingertip gestures are used in tool-like ways, such as tapping, dragging, and pinching digital objects.(More)
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