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BACKGROUND It is well known that chronic kidney disease is a strong independent predictor of adverse outcomes after percutaneous coronary intervention in patients with ischemic heart disease. Recently, peri-procedural myocardial injury has been associated with adverse cardiac events. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between renal(More)
We sought to determine the morphologic predictors of major adverse cardiac events (MACEs) after successful percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) with drug-eluting stents (DES), using integrated backscatter intravascular ultrasound (IB-IVUS). Conventional IVUS and IB-IVUS were performed in 260 consecutive patients who underwent PCI with DES.(More)
BACKGROUND Although the benefits of the recommended level of physical activity on reducing chronic diseases are well-established, most of the Japanese population is not sufficiently active. Thus, examining correlates is an important prerequisite for designing relevant polices and effective programs. The present study investigated psychological, social, and(More)
AIMS The pathogenesis of in-stent restenosis (ISR) after drug-eluting stent (DES) implantation remains unclear. The purpose of this study is to analyse tissue characterizations of neointima in restenosis lesions after sirolimus-eluting stent (SES), comparing with those after bare metal stent (BMS) using integrated backscatter intravascular ultrasound(More)
Albuminuria is the most widely evaluated marker of kidney damage. Many previous studies have demonstrated an association between the presence of albuminuria and increased cardiovascular events. However, there are limited data regarding the impact of albuminuria in patients requiring coronary revascularization. This study investigated whether the urinary(More)
BACKGROUND Although both insufficient physical activity (PA) and high screen time (ST) are independent risk factors for obesity, how the combination of sufficient/insufficient PA and high/low ST could increase obesity risk among the adult population of Japan is not known. This study examined joint associations of PA and ST with overweight among Japanese(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to examine the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of a tailored message intervention compared with a non-tailored message intervention for increasing colorectal cancer (CRC) screening rates among a non-adherent population, in a community-based client reminder program. METHODS After a baseline survey for(More)
OBJECTIVE Ectopic fat accumulation is associated with coronary artery disease. Visceral adipose tissue has paracrine and systemic effects and is a source of adipocytokines. It has been implicated in the pathogenesis of coronary atherosclerosis; however, nothing is known about whether increases in epicardial fat have the same effect on coronary(More)
BACKGROUND Although the percentage of women who initiate breast cancer screening is rising, the rate of continued adherence is poor. The purpose of this study was to examine the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a tailored print intervention compared with a non-tailored print intervention for increasing the breast cancer screening rate among a(More)
OBJECTIVES This study sought to evaluate the associations between homeostatic indexes of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) and post-procedural myocardial injury and clinical outcome after a percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) with a drug-eluting stent. BACKGROUND Insulin resistance increases the risk of cardiovascular events. However, the association(More)