Kazuhiro Gono

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This study was performed to examine the usefulness of medical endoscopic imaging utilizing narrow-band illumination. The contrast between the vascular pattern and the adjacent mucosa of the underside of the human tongue was measured using five narrow-band illuminations and three broadband illuminations. The results demonstrate that the pathological features(More)
We propose a new method for enhancing the sensitivity of the reflectance spectrum to the scattering feature of the superficial tissue layer. This method is based on multiple-discriminant analysis in the eigensubspace of the spectrum. Considering the application of scattering imaging, we evaluated this method by performing multispectral imaging of(More)
The first launch of narrow band imaging (NBI) was in 2005. Since then, in most countries where gastrointestinal endoscopies are performed, NBI is the most commonly used optical digital method of performing image-enhanced endoscopy. Thanks to the outstanding efforts of many endoscopists, many clinical studies have been performed and clinical evidence has(More)
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