Kazuhiro Endoh

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With the rapid growth of the Internet, users are increasingly seeking real-time multimedia application services. To meet this requirement, many streaming methods are developed. However, most of streaming systems are used for ornamental use such as video on demand (VOD). Users for such application do not require interaction, so reducing jitter is the most(More)
This study was performed to evaluate the effects of the air sparge rate, working liquid volume, liquid feed rate onto the disk, and disk diameter on the foam-breaking performance of foam-breaking apparatus with a rotating disk (FARD) installed in the bubble column. Experimental results showed that the smaller the air sparge rate and working liquid volume(More)
A heat exchanger that arranges flat tubes horizontally has a vertical header that distributes the refrigerant to each tube. When the heat exchanger works as an evaporator, differences in flow conditions at each branch, such as the ratio and distribution of vapor and liquid, due to the differences in densities and momentums of vapor and liquid in the(More)
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