Kazuhiro Daino

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The growth arrest and DNA damage-inducible protein 45alpha (GADD45a) gene is responsive to a variety of DNA-damaging agents. It is known that induction of the GADD45a gene is regulated in a p53-dependent manner after ionizing irradiation. Our previous study showed that X-ray irradiation increased the transcription rate of the GADD45a gene much earlier than(More)
A change in chromosome number, known as aneuploidy, is a common characteristic of cancer. Aneuploidy disrupts gene expression in human cancer cells and immortalized human epithelial cells, but not in normal human cells. However, the relationship between aneuploidy and cancer remains unclear. To study the effects of aneuploidy in normal human cells, we(More)
Several lines of evidence indicate one's age at exposure to radiation strongly modifies the risk of radiation-induced breast cancer. We previously reported that rat mammary carcinomas induced by pre- and post-pubertal irradiation have distinct gene expression patterns, but the changes underlying these differences have not yet been characterized. The aim of(More)
BRIP1 is a DNA helicase that directly interacts with the C-terminal BRCT repeat of the breast cancer susceptibility protein BRCA1 and plays an important role in BRCA1-dependent DNA repair and DNA damage-induced checkpoint control. Recent studies implicate BRIP1 as a moderate/low-penetrance breast cancer susceptibility gene. However, the phenotypic effects(More)
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