Kazuhiro Aoyama

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Many educators and researchers are trying to define statistical literacy for the 21st century. Kimura, a Japanese science educator, has suggested that a key task of statistical literacy is the ability to extract qualitative information from quantitative information, and/or to create new information from qualitative and quantitative information. This article(More)
This study proposes a methodology for predicting product failures occurring due to known failures and causalities. The prediction is based on failure propagation in an integrated model of a product, production process, and quality information (PPQ). This methodology enables a designer to predict new failures. One of the concepts for failure prediction is(More)
DNA chains were detected by phosphorus mapping based on energy-filtering transmission electron microscopy (EF-TEM). The three-window method and the image-merging system were used to make phosphorus-mapping images. It was impossible to observe DNA chains without the image-merging system, because of the low signal levels of single images. It became easy to(More)
A product with a long-life, such as a plant or ship, must be adaptable to future technology changes, regulations, and environmental changes. This paper proposes a design method for a future scenario embedded product to enhance a product's adaptability to various changes during its lifetime. The design method derives a modular structure between platform(More)
This paper proposes a representation model of the quality state change in an assembly process that can be used in a computer-aided process design system. In order to formalize the state change of the manufacturing quality in the assembly process, the functions, operations, and quality changes in the assembly process are represented as a network model that(More)