Kazuhiro Aoyama

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The influenza A virus genome consists of eight single-stranded negative-sense RNA (vRNA) segments. Although genome segmentation provides advantages such as genetic reassortment, which contributes to the emergence of novel strains with pandemic potential, it complicates the genome packaging of progeny virions. Here we elucidate, using electron tomography,(More)
Filopodia are finger-like protrusions at the leading edge of migrating cells that play a crucial antennal function during cell motility. It is known that actin filaments are bundled hexagonally and provide rigidity to filopodia by virtue of fascin, which plays a central role in actin filament bundling. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying their(More)
A product with a long-life, such as a plant or ship, must be adaptable to future technology changes, regulations, and environmental changes. This paper proposes a design method for a future scenario embedded product to enhance a product's adaptability to various changes during its lifetime. The design method derives a modular structure between platform(More)
A modular structure recommendation method and component reducing method are proposed for the product family design. The customer's requirements and the product attributes are represented as a fuzzy set and a fuzzy variable using both a point-based and a range-based approach. On the basis of the fuzzy-based representation of the product and the customer(More)
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