Kazuhiro Akiyama

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Sister chromatid cohesion is mediated by cohesin and is essential for accurate chromosome segregation. The cohesin subunits SMC1, SMC3, and Rad21 form a tripartite ring within which sister chromatids are thought to be entrapped. This event requires the acetylation of SMC3 and the association of sororin with cohesin by the acetyltransferases Esco1 and Esco2(More)
The cyclin B-dependent protein kinase Cdk1 is a master regulator of mitosis and phosphorylates numerous proteins on the minimal consensus motif Ser/Thr-Pro (S/T-P). At least in several proteins, however, not well-defined motifs lacking a Pro in the +1 position, referred herein to as non-S/T-P motifs, have been shown to be phosphorylated by Cdk1. Here we(More)
Liquid-phase bonding is a technologically important method to fabricate high-performance metal/ceramic heterostructures used for power electronic devices. However, the atomic-scale mechanisms of how these two dissimilar crystals specifically bond at the interfaces are still not well understood. Here we analyse the atomically-resolved structure of a(More)
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