Kazuhiko Yoshioka

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Heparin-binding epidermal growth factor-like growth factor (HB-EGF), a member of the epidermal growth factor family of growth factors, is synthesized as a membrane-an-chored precursor (proHB-EGF) that is capable of stimulating adjacent cells in a juxtacrine manner. ProHB-EGF is cleaved in a protein kinase C-dependent process, to yield the soluble form. It(More)
Granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) producing pancreatic cancers are extremely rare. These tumors have an aggressive clinical course but no established treatment. We encountered a patient with a G-CSF-induced pancreatic cancer who was treated by surgical resection, followed by steroid treatment and chemotherapy. A 68-year-old Asian male presented(More)
We strongly believe that rotational transfer of a musculocutaneous island flap composed of the flexor digitorum brevis muscle is the best procedure currently available for covering and reconstructing the weight-bearing area of the heel and its posterior area from the histologic and functional points of view. Further, since it requires only one operation, we(More)
BACKGROUND We investigated the efficacy and prognosis of neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy (NACRT) for Japanese locally advanced rectal carcinoma patients. METHODS Fifty-seven patients diagnosed with cT3-4 or any cT/cN+ disease using enhanced computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging from 2002 to 2014 were enrolled. The male/female ratio was 42/15,(More)
INTRODUCTION Resectable isolated multiple metastases to the pancreas from renal cell carcinoma are rare. In this report, we describe a patient with multiple metastases of renal cell carcinoma to the pancreas who was treated with pylorus-preserving total pancreatectomy. CASE PRESENTATION The patient was a 58-year-old Asian woman who had undergone right(More)
INTRODUCTION Low-grade mucinous neoplasia is an uncommon benign tumor that develops in the appendix. The development of mucocele disease has never been reported in a colonic diverticulum. We present a case developing low-grade mucinous neoplasia in a cecal diverticulum. PRESENTATION OF CASE A tumor in the ileocecal region was found during a medical(More)
Superior mesenteric artery syndrome (SMAS) after a surgical operation is very rare. We experienced an extremely rare case of ileal pouch-anal anastomosis with subsequent development of SMAS requiring duodenojejunostomy. A 74-year-old Asian woman underwent total colectomy, ileal pouch-anal anastomosis (J-pouch), covering ileostomy, splenectomy, and distal(More)
A rare case of complex anomaly, composed of schizencephaly, polymicrogyria, heterotopic gray matter, agenesis of the septum pellicidi and arachnoid cyst at the right middle cranial fossa was encountered. A 38-year old man, complaining of epileptic seizure, was admitted to our department. His past history included cerebral palsy. Plain skull roentgenogram(More)
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