Kazuhiko Taira

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A total of 788 people (aged from 60 to 93 years) living in the Okinawa prefecture, renowned for the long life expectancy of its citizens, were randomly chosen as subjects. A questionnaire based on lifestyle and sleep-health was distributed. Following this, subjects were chosen in groups of nine from the good sleep-health group and then from the poor(More)
The purpose of the present study was to examine the effects of short nap and exercise on the sleep quality of elderly people who reported difficulty in sleeping. 'Interventions' such as short nap after lunch and moderate-intensity exercise in the evening were carried out for 4 weeks. After the 'interventions', wake time after sleep onset significantly(More)
The factors that influence sleep health and mental health in junior high school students' lifestyles was examined. The proportion of students who replied that they feel bad in the morning, and who do not have breakfast was significantly higher in poor sleepers. The proportion of students who regularly take exercise was significantly lower among poor(More)
The study was conducted in the Prefecture of Longevity, Okinawa, on the elderly living in the village of Ogimi. It was revealed that those in the good sleep health group took short naps, a significantly fewer number fell into dozes, and a significantly greater number exercised regularly or walked. A significantly greater number of this group maintained(More)
The prevalence of dementing disorders in Campo Grande of a community of Japanese-Brazilians who immigrated from Okinawa was studied. Previous reports showed that the dietary pattern in Japanese immigrants in Brazil, which characterized by a low fish and large meat intake, is possibly responsible for increased risk of cardiovascular diseases compared with(More)
A survey was made of the sleep and lifestyle activity patterns of 3754 students from 14 different junior high schools on Okinawa Island. The survey showed that bedtimes became progressively and significantly later as students ascended to higher grades, resulting in adolescent sleep debt. The later adolescents retired to sleep, there appeared significantly(More)
The effects of short naps and exercise on the sleep quality and mental health of elderly people was investigated. 'Interventions' by short naps after lunch and exercise of moderate intensity in the evening were carried out for 4 weeks. After the 'intervention', awake time after sleep onset decreased significantly and sleep efficiency increased(More)
The sleep health and lifestyles of the elderly living in the urban and suburban areas of Okinawa prefecture, which is well known for the longevity of its inhabitants, were compared. The study revealed that sleep health and activities of daily living (ADL) were significantly better among the elderly living in suburban areas. There were more complaints of(More)