Kazuhiko Ozeki

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This paper is concerned with optimum band splitting and optimum recombination weights in subband HMM-based speaker identication. In the rst experiment , the full frequency band (8kHz) was split into two subbands, and speaker identication rate was measured for various splitting frequencies and recom-bination weights. It was found that subbands 0-2kHz and(More)
Prosody contains information that is lost when utterances are transcribed into letters or characters. This paper is concerned with exploiting such information for syntactic analysis of read Japanese sentences. In our previous work, we employed 12 prosodic features, and made a statistical model to represent the relationship between those features and(More)
This paper is concerned with measuring the amount of syntactic information contained in prosodic features of Japanese utterances. Five prosodic features are employed, and the statistical relationship between those features and the inter-phrase dependency distance is estimated by using training data. Then parsing experiments are conducted in two dierent(More)
The work presented in this paper is devoted to the modeling of distribution of post-phrase pause duration for dependency analysis of read Japanese sentences. The pause information is incorporated into a dependency structure parser, which handles numerical information as part of linguistic knowledge. A series of our previous works has shown that the duration(More)
Natural language processing has traditionally relied solely on information extracted from written materials. Recently, as part of natural language processing and speech processing merge into spoken language processing, a new possibility is opening up to exploit prosodic information, which is lost when utterances are transcribed into letters or characters,(More)