Kazuhide Yamaguchi

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In order to clarify the seizure susceptibility of Noda epileptic rat (NER) and the antiepileptic effects of levetiracetam (LEV), we performed electrical hippocampal kindling in NERs compared with Wistar rats (experiment 1), and hippocampal kindling in NERs with LEV administration (experiment 2). In experiment 1, electrical stimulation was administered to(More)
To investigate effects of serum factor on the Ca2(+)-spike and neurite outgrowth in cultured nerve cells, dorsal root ganglia (DRG) neurons of the adult guinea pig were cultured in a serum-free N1 medium (N1 group) and a serum-containing medium (FCS group). The maximum rate of rise (MRR) of the Ca2(+)-spike, an indicator of the maximum Ca2(+)-current, was(More)
We examined conditions in which rhythmic discharges of the mitral cell are obtained in the carp olfactory bulb. When the mean firing rates of the responses to various concentrations of NaCl solutions were high (more than 5 Hz), rhythmic discharges appeared. Results provide experimental support for the rhythm generation hypothesis on the dendrodendritic(More)
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