Kazuhide Kobayashi

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A high-resolution mandibular tracking system was designed and tested in a freely moving mouse. A sensor unit, which consisted of four small magnetic sensors, was employed to trace small magnet movements in the three-dimensional space. After the sensor's output-to-displacement transformation equations were obtained from a multiple regression analysis of(More)
The purpose of this study was to develop a new method for the quantitative and qualitative measurement of tooth displacement under load and to clarify the relationship between the force system acting on a tooth and a resultant movement. A combination of eight magnetic sensors and a magnet was employed to measure three-dimensional displacement. Two sets of(More)
We have developed a system for measuring tooth displacement from orthodontic force. Eight small magnetic sensors and a magnet are combined to measure three-dimensional displacement. Sensors, arranged cubically in the three planes of space, are placed in the mouth and fixed to the posterior teeth by a splint. A magnet is placed in the center of the eight(More)
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