Kazuhide Kobayashi

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We have developed a system for measuring tooth displacement from orthodontic force. Eight small magnetic sensors and a magnet are combined to measure three-dimensional displacement. Sensors, arranged cubically in the three planes of space, are placed in the mouth and fixed to the posterior teeth by a splint. A magnet is placed in the center of the eight(More)
Rat osteocalcin was subjected to proteolysis by cathepsins B and L at acid pH in vitro. Short fragments of fewer than 8 amino acids were liberated from both the NH2- and COOH-termini of the molecule, but the midportion, composed of antiparallel α-helical domains, was resistant to proteolysis. Intact rat osteocalcin bound 10 Ca2+/mol protein at pH 7.5 and(More)
A polyclonal antibody against rat osteocalcin propeptide (anti-pro-OC) has been prepared and used in immunohistochemical studies to demonstrate cells expressing osteocalcin (OC). With the anti-pro-OC antibody, predominant immunoreaction was observed in cuboidal osteoblasts along the bone formation surface, and in odontoblasts and cementoblasts of the tooth.(More)
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