Kazufumi Yoshihara

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There is increasing interest in the bidirectional communication between the mammalian host and prokaryotic cells. Catecholamines (CA), candidate molecules for such communication, are presumed to play an important role in the gut lumen; however, available evidence is limited because of the lack of actual data about luminal CA. This study evaluated luminal CA(More)
During the course of acute infection with an intracellular pathogen, Ag-specific T cells proliferate in the expansion phase, and then most of the T cells die by apoptosis in the following contraction phase, but the few that survive become memory cells and persist for a long period of time. Although IL-15 is known to play an important role in long-term(More)
The visual perception of others' body parts is critical for understanding and imitating their behavior. The visual cortex in humans includes the extrastriate body area (EBA), which is a large portion of the occipitotemporal cortex that is selectively responsive to visually perceived body parts. Previous neuroimaging studies showed that the EBA not only(More)
OBJECTIVES Because information of contraindication and careful indication of medication is vast, there have been numerous cases of prescribing medication inappropriately. Our goal is to have a clinical decision support system (CDSS) combined with a computerized physician order entry (CPOE) to aid physicians in prescribing medication appropriately. In this(More)
IL-15 is thought to be involved in the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). We found that IL-15 plays an important role in the development of murine collagen-induced arthritis (CIA). The incidence and severity of CIA were slightly decreased in IL-15 KO mice but were increased in IL-15 Tg mice compared with wild-type (WT) mice. The levels of type II(More)
A tailor-made management plan that includes various combinations of non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic therapy for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is important. We present an overview of four aspects of our medical treatment and management for CFS: introduction of our medical management system, summary of our management strategy,(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies have shown the short-term or intermediate-term practice of yoga to be useful for ameliorating several mental disorders and psychosomatic disorders. However, little is known about the long-term influences of yoga on the mental state or stress-related biochemical indices. If yoga training has a stress-reduction effect and also(More)
Anorexia nervosa (AN) is a psychological illness with devastating physical consequences; however, its pathophysiological mechanism remains unclear. Because numerous reports have indicated the importance of gut microbiota in the regulation of weight gain, it is reasonable to speculate that AN patients might have a microbial imbalance, i.e. dysbiosis, in(More)
During a dyadic social interaction, two individuals can share visual attention through gaze, directed to each other (mutual gaze) or to a third person or an object (joint attention). Shared attention is fundamental to dyadic face-to-face interaction, but how attention is shared, retained, and neutrally represented in a pair-specific manner has not been well(More)
Hosts and their microbes have established a sophisticated communication system over many millennia. Within mammalian hosts, this dynamic cross-talk is essential for maintaining intestinal homeostasis. In a genetically susceptible host, dysbiosis of the gut microbiome and dysregulated immune responses are central to the development of inflammatory bowel(More)