Kazufumi Miyazaki

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Both N- and P/Q-type voltage-dependent calcium channels are involved in fast transmitter release in the hippocampus, but are differentially regulated. Although variable contributions of voltage-dependent calcium channel subtypes to presynaptic Ca2+ influx have been suggested to give a neural network of great diversity, their presence has only been(More)
A variety of mechanisms have been proposed for the regulation of ion channel molecules. As integral membrane proteins, ion channels may interact with the cytoskeleton. Regulation of channels by the actin network may therefore be important. In the present study we used cytochalasin D and exogenous actin to test this possibility. The Cl- channel of the apical(More)
CLP36, a member of the alpha-actinin-associated LIM protein (ALP)/enigma protein family, plays a role in neurite outgrowth in the peripheral nervous system. However, the underlying molecular mechanisms are not known. In this study, we performed yeast two-hybrid screening of an E18 mouse whole-body cDNA library with CLP36 as the bait and isolated palladin as(More)
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