Kazuaki Yamanari

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The luminescence and circularly polarized luminescence (CPL) spectra of M(I)[Eu((+)-hfbc)(4)] show a similar behavior to the exciton CD in the intraligand π-π* transitions when the alkali metal ions(More)
The novel Co(III)-CDX supramolecular complex [Co(en)(3)](2)(CO(3))(3).2(alpha-CDX) (1) was prepared and the circular dichroism spectrum showed that complex 1 is 25% Lambda-rich (Lambda : Delta = 62.5(More)
The largest CPL activity ever measured was observed for cesium tetrakis(3-heptafluoro-butylryl-(+)-camphorato) Eu(III) complexes in EtOH and CHCl3 solutions substantiating the stereospecific(More)
The cyclic multinuclear complexes [Co(n)()(L-N,S,N')(n)()(tacn)(n)()](n)()(+) (L = purine-6-thiones; tacn = 1,4,7-triazacyclononane) were synthesized through self-assembly of the mononuclear complex(More)
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