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Smart devices such as smartphones and tablets are increasingly essential tools to make our lives more convenient. Wearable devices and ambient devices are also getting popular and can easily access the Internet through smart devices. Although smart devices have incredibly advanced functionalities, their I/O is poor because of their small size. Peripherals(More)
Many people carry smartphones and tablets with them on a daily basis and are constantly connected via wireless. As the Internet of Things (IoT) comes of age, people increasingly want to use various devices in the surrounding environment in conjunction with their smartphones. The cost of developing services that cooperate with the devices is high because(More)
In a broad sense, the Internet of Things (IoT) includes devices that do not have Internet access capability but are aided by a gateway (such as a smartphone) that does have such access. The combination of a gateway and devices with a wireless connection can provide flexibility, but there are limitations to the network capability of each gateway in terms of(More)
Two sets of group of 50 women were examined and compared to find out if the introduction of continuous intra-uterine catheter during labour increased infection. Amniotic fluid was withdrawn from both groups and examined. Also a catheter was introduced into the amniotic sac of one group and after 2 and 5 hours amniotic fluid was also withdrawn from both(More)
We present here an interesting case of multiple dural arteriovenous shunts (dAVS) in different locations at the same time. There have been very few reports on multiple dAVS. A 63-year-old man was admitted with a sudden onset of headache and vomiting. CT scan showed a typical subarachnoid hemorrhage (Fisher Group 3). Cerebral angiogram (6 vessel study)(More)
By adding a subsystem that provides continuous network service to a host system such as a PC (Personal Computer), even while the host system is sleeping, it is possible to achieve efficient use of the system and energy reduction. Remote management is a typical example. Recently, to maintain network service anytime and anywhere, WWAN (Wireless Wide Area(More)
The market of the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing rapidly, and people will obtain even more benefits from the services that handle the composed IoT devices through cloud services in the future. The World Wide Web Consortium pursues dealing with IoT devices on Web layers, called the Web of things (WoT). Applications can access the functions of things(More)
The leakage of the confidential information from PC (Personal Computer) by being lost or stolen becomes a serious problem especially in business scenes. Each company is taking a countermeasure that would wipe confidential information remotely before a malicious person obtains the PC. However, there is a problem for those countermeasures that do not work(More)
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