Kazuaki Nakashima

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OBJECTIVES (1) To examine the relation between concentrations of cadmium (Cd) in rice and urinary concentrations of indicators of renal dysfunction and the prevalence of abnormalities in urine in areas polluted by Cd. (2) To establish the maximum allowable concentration of Cd in rice from these findings. METHODS The target population consisted of 1703(More)
The aim of this study was to assess the performance of three-dimensional fast recovery fast spin-echo (3DFRFSE) for imaging of the inner ear as well as the facial and vestibulocochlear nerves. We evaluated 3DFRFSE sequences, comparing it with 3D fast spin-echo (3DFSE) in a water phantom and in 12 normal volunteers. We also examined 66 patients using 3DFRFSE(More)
Pancreatitis is a relatively rare complication in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Herein we report a case of SLE with the initial development of acute pancreatitis, subsequently complicated by bleeding pseudoaneurysms. A 55-year-old Japanese woman was admitted to our hospital for the treatment of SLE. During the course of treatment, she complained of(More)
Purpose: The aim of this study was to investigate the diagnostic performance of contrast-enhanced CT (CECT) findings for bowel ischemia and necrosis in closed-loop small-bowel obstruction (CL-SBO). Materials and Methods: Thirty-five patients with CL-SBO confirmed by laparotomy (n = 34) or multiplanar reconstruction of thin slice CT images (n = 1) were(More)
A 61-year-old man with a history of cerebellar infarction was transferred to our hospital for the treatment of vertebral artery (VA) stenosis. The VA dissection was treated with endovascular stent placement followed by coil embolization in which shrinkage of the dissecting aneurysm was confirmed by the three-dimensional driven equilibrium (3D DRIVE)(More)
To compare the visibility of circumscribed masses on digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) images and 2D mammograms and determine the usefulness of DBT for differentiation between benign and malignant circumscribed masses. Seventy-one (19 malignant and 52 benign) mammographic well-circumscribed masses were included. Visibility of the masses and halo signs on(More)
OBJECTIVE Pseudoaneurysms are not rare, and various conditions can cause a pseudoaneurysm in all the cardiovascular systems. In this article, we discuss and show images of pseudoaneurysms of various arteries caused by various conditions. CONCLUSION CT, MRI, sonography, and angiography may all be valuable in the imaging workup of pseudoaneurysms. Knowledge(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this article is to investigate whether there is a difference in susceptibility to transcatheter arterial chemoembolization between hepatocellular carcinomas (HCCs) showing high uptake and those showing low uptake of gadoxetic acid in the hepatobiliary phase of MRI. MATERIALS AND METHODS One hundred HCCs that achieved optimal(More)
This paper reports regio- and chiroselective introduction of two boronic acid groups into [60]fullerene controlled by a saccharide used as a template molecule. The double [4+2] cycloadditions between [60]fullerene and 1:2 saccharide-boronic acid complexes 6-9 afforded [60]fullerene-bisadducts 12. Their structures were identified on the basis of (1)H and(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the usefulness of Fuji Computed Radiography (FCR) 5501D by comparing it with FCR 5000 and a screen-film system (S/F). Posteroanterior chest radiographs of ten patients with no abnormality on chest CT scans were obtained with FCR 5501D, FCR 5000, and S/F. Six observers (three radiologists and three(More)