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New Possibilities for Stereotaxis
Information-guided stereotaxis, assisted by visualization of medical information, will become the next generation of neurosurgical systems. We performed 76 open MRI surgeries at Tokyo Women’s MedicalExpand
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Trigeminal neuralgia caused by a trigeminocerebellar artery.
This 31-year-old woman presented with typical right trigeminal neuralgia caused by a trigeminocerebellar artery, manifesting as pain uncontrollable with medical treatment. Preoperative neuroimagingExpand
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Lower cranial nerve palsy after the infrafloccular approach in microvascular decompression for hemifacial spasm
Background: The infrafloccular approach was introduced as a variation in microvascular decompression (MVD) for hemifacial spasm. However, the rate of postoperative lower cranial nerve (CN) palsy canExpand
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Microvascular decompression for hemifacial spasm: how can we protect auditory function?
Abstract Objective. The nerve function of the VIIIth nerve is at risk during microvascular decompression (MVD) for hemifacial spasm (HFS). Intraoperative monitoring of brainstem auditory evokedExpand
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Safety of microvascular decompression for elderly patients with trigeminal neuralgia
OBJECTIVE The present study compared the safety and efficacy of microvascular decompression (MVD) in groups of elderly patients and non-elderly patients with medically refractory trigeminal neuralgiaExpand
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Exposure of Titanium Mesh after Cranioplasty for Microvascular Decompression Surgery: Two Case Reports
Two cases of exposed titanium mesh occurred after implantation for cranioplasty after repeated procedures for microvascular decompression (MVD). Case 1 was a 62-year-old female who underwent MVD forExpand
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Cohesive and anisotropic vascular endothelial cell motility driving angiogenic morphogenesis
Vascular endothelial cells (ECs) in angiogenesis exhibit inhomogeneous collective migration called “cell mixing”, in which cells change their relative positions by overtaking each other. However, howExpand
Transposition of the Culprit Artery Passing Between the Facial Nerve and Auditory Nerve in Microvascular Decompression Surgery for Hemifacial Spasm.
BACKGROUND Decompression of the culprit artery causing hemifacial spasm (HFS), which passes between the facial nerve (cranial nerve [CN] VII) and the auditory nerve (CN VIII), can be difficult,Expand
[Extradural en bloc removal and in situ replacement of the anterior clinoid process].
Extradural removal of the anterior clinoid process (ACP) is useful and essential for approaching aneurysmal and tumor lesions in and around the cavernous sinus. A safe, rapid and less invasiveExpand
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