Kazuaki Masuda

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The external muscle layer of the mammalian esophagus consists of striated muscles. We investigated the contractile properties of esophageal striated muscle by comparison with those of skeletal and cardiac muscles. Electrical field stimulation with single pulses evoked twitch-like contractile responses in esophageal muscle, similar to those in skeletal(More)
In near future, autonomous robots will be used in factories and offices. Since there are many stationary/moving obstacles in these environments, autonomous robots are require to make the path plans that can avoid moving objects such as people and robots. In this paper, we propose the path planning method to avoid the collisions with these obstacles. The(More)
The discretized maps of gradient models with Euler's method generate chaos, which can be used for global optimization by applying the chaotic annealing. In this paper, we apply this approach to solve the traveling salesman problem. We formulate it as continuous optimization problems with particular constraints, and newly derive gradient projection dynamics(More)
We can make optimum scheduling results using various methods that are proposed by many researchers. However, it is very difficult to complete the processes on time without delaying the schedule. There are two major causes that disturb the planned optimum schedules; they are (1)the variation of productive capacity, and (2)the variation of products'(More)
An autoassociative memory can store multiple information in a neural network, and if some distorted information is presented, the memory can retrieve the most likely information from the network. However, in mathematical models of the autoassociative memory, it is a significant problem that some given information may not be stored correctly in a recurrent(More)