Kazuaki Kitajima

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Depth of submucosal invasion (SM depth) in submucosal invasive colorectal carcinoma (SICC) is considered an important predictive factor for lymph node metastasis. However, no nationwide reports have clarified the relationship between SM depth and rate of lymph node metastasis. Our aim was to investigate the correlations between lymph node metastasis and SM(More)
OBJECTIVE: Trp64Arg mutation in the β 3-adrenergic receptor (β 3AR) gene is relatively common in Japanese people. However, it has not been clear whether persons with Trp64Arg mutation in the β 3AR gene tend to have obesity and difficulty in losing weight even with a restricted diet and exercise. We investigated the response of body weight and metabolic(More)
OBJECTIVE: The degree of obesity of Asians is less than that of Caucasians. It has been suggested that Japanese, categorized as having normal weight (BMI<25.0), as defined by WHO (2000), have a tendency toward increased incidences of dyslipidemia and diabetes. Our objective was to analyze parameters constituting obesity-associated disorders in overweight(More)
Ninety-six patients with non-small cell lung cancer were treated with cisplatin (80-150 mg/m2). The pharmacokinetics of cisplatin were studied in 27 of these patients. Cisplatin was administered intravenously for 30-120 min. Plasma concentrations of total platinum and ultrafilterable (non-protein-bound) platinum were monitored by flameless atomic absorption(More)
The patient was a 71-year-old man. Chemotherapy was conducted in two courses combining TS-1 (120 mg) and CDDP (80 mg) under the diagnosis of AFP-producing gastric cancer with multiple liver metastasis and peritoneal dissemination. Peritoneal dissemination disappeared, liver metastasis almost disappeared after completion of two courses, and the therapeutic(More)
A 56-year-old woman, who had been receiving treatment for chronic renal failure, was admitted to our Department because of a tumor of the pancreas head and multiple liver masses diagnosed by abdominal CT scans. Gastroduodenoscopy revealed a tumor which had invaded the Vater's papilla; the lesion was histopathologically pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Due to the(More)
Ulcerative colitis (UC)-associated neoplasia is one of the complications seen in patients with long-standing UC. Based on many epidemiological studies, colitis is assumed to promote colon tumorigenesis. Tumorigenesis is known to be suppressed in rodents and humans by selective cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors. However, whether these drugs would serve as(More)
症 例 症例:65歳,男 性.主 訴:C型 慢性肝炎の精査 加 療.家 族 歴:特 記事 項 な し.既 往歴:1960 年,胃 潰瘍 にて胃切 除.1963年,虫 垂炎にて虫 垂切除.輸 血歴 な し.飲 酒歴:焼 酎1.5合/日 を 30年 間,1995年 より禁酒.現 病歴:1985年 頃 よ り頻尿,歩 行 障害が 出現 し,1995年 当科 でHAM と診 断 され,ス テ ロ イ ド療 法 を受 け た.1990 年にC型 慢性肝炎 を指摘 され,近 医に通院 してい たが,ト ランス アミナーゼ値 が変動す るため, 1997年8月 精査加療 露的で紹介入 院 となった. 現症:身 長165cm,体 重54Rg,貧 血,黄疸 な し. 腹部では肝,脾 は触知せず.神 経学 的所見で は(More)
BACKGROUND The presence of small, dense LDL particles has been recognized as an independent risk factor for coronary heart disease (CHD) but is not directly representative of CHD mortality rate beyond any given population. We investigated whether such inconsistency between three Asian ethnic groups might have arisen from anthropometric and metabolic(More)