Kazuaki Hiramatsu

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We have been developing a "muscle suit" that provides muscular support to the paralyzed or those otherwise unable to move unaided, as well as to manual workers. The muscle suit is a garment without a metal frame and uses a McKibben actuator driven by compressed air. Because actuators are sewn into the garment, no metal frame is needed, making the muscle(More)
BACKGROUND Monitoring studies revealed high concentrations of pesticides in the drainage canal of paddy fields. It is important to have a way to predict these concentrations in different management scenarios as an assessment tool. A simulation model for predicting the pesticide concentration in a paddy block (PCPF-B) was evaluated and then used to assess(More)
The effects of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs; Kanechlor 400) on the schooling behavior of Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes) were tested after feeding with various concentrations of PCBs (0, 1, 5, 25, and 125 microg/g). To test schooling, three PCB-exposed medaka and three untreated fish were placed in one chamber, and their swimming trajectories were(More)
PURPOSE To develop a robotic gait trainer that can be used in water (RGTW) and achieve repetitive physiological gait patterns to improve the movement dysfunctions. METHOD The RGTW is a hip-knee-ankle-foot orthosis with pneumatic actuators; the control software was developed on the basis of the angular motions of the hip and knee joint of a healthy subject(More)
A pesticide fate and transport model (PCPF-B) was developed to predict the runoff of pesticides from paddy plots to a drainage canal in a paddy block based on the plot scale model (PCPF-1). The block-scale model now comprises three modules: (1) a module for pesticide application, (2) a module for pesticide behaviour in paddy fields, and (3) a module for(More)
The generation of hydrogen sulfide in a reservoir can be characterized by a massive influx of organic matter, manifest thermal stratification, and an extreme anoxic state specifically at the hypolimnion layer in summer. It has been reported that in this deep layer of a thermally stratified water body, where dissolved oxygen is depleted and redox potential(More)
This study aims to propose a methodology for establishing the optimal rule curves of reservoir operation based on a multi-use reservoir system. Located on the upper Saigon River, Dau Tieng Reservoir plays an important role in economic and social aspects: (1) flood control; (2) domestic and industrial demands; (3) flushing out salt water intrusion from the(More)
For better water resources management in quality and quantity, an accurate model is needed for simulating the hydrologic cycle and water quality dynamics at a watershed scale. In this study, a semi-distributed hydrologic model, the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT), was applied for hydrologic cycle assessment in the Cong Watershed, Vietnam. After(More)
A mononuclear iron(III) complex of a noncyclic tetradentate monoamido ligand, Fe(III)mpaq, catalyses the oxidation of Orange II, guaiacol, ABTS and Amplex Red with H2O2 in aqueous solutions at neutral pH. Under identical conditions, other structurally related nonheme iron complexes showed only negligible activities.