Kazuaki Hiramatsu

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We have been developing a "muscle suit" that provides muscular support to the paralyzed or those otherwise unable to move unaided, as well as to manual workers. The muscle suit is a garment without a metal frame and uses a McKibben actuator driven by compressed air. Because actuators are sewn into the garment, no metal frame is needed, making the muscle(More)
PURPOSE To develop a robotic gait trainer that can be used in water (RGTW) and achieve repetitive physiological gait patterns to improve the movement dysfunctions. METHOD The RGTW is a hip-knee-ankle-foot orthosis with pneumatic actuators; the control software was developed on the basis of the angular motions of the hip and knee joint of a healthy subject(More)
This study aims to propose a methodology for establishing the optimal rule curves of reservoir operation based on a multi-use reservoir system. Located on the upper Saigon River, Dau Tieng Reservoir plays an important role in economic and social aspects: (1) flood control; (2) domestic and industrial demands; (3) flushing out salt water intrusion from the(More)
Rapid acquisition relaxation-enhanced (RARE) sequences (Hennig et al., Magn. Reson. Med. 3, 823 (1986)) utilize one or several Carr-Purcell-Meiboom-Gill (CPMG) echo trains to sample a number of k-space lines each repetition time TR. The technique can rapidly generate multislice T2-weighted images which, as a rule, are strikingly similar in contrast to(More)
The generation of hydrogen sulfide in a reservoir can be characterized by a massive influx of organic matter, manifest thermal stratification, and an extreme anoxic state specifically at the hypolimnion layer in summer. It has been reported that in this deep layer of a thermally stratified water body, where dissolved oxygen is depleted and redox potential(More)
In this study, we aim to construct and apply a simple genetic algorithm (SGA) to optimize a large number of parameters of an one-box ecosystem model. The ecosystem model was used to simulate the water quality over a 6-month period based on the new observation data in an agricultural pond which was strongly influenced by a green algal bloom. Of the 54(More)
In watershed management, the determination of peak and total runoff due to rainfall and prediction of pollutant load are very important. Measurement of rainfall runoff and pollutant load is always the best approach but is not always possible at the desired time and location. In practice, diffuse pollution has a complex natural dependence on various land-use(More)
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