Kazuaki Fukasaku

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BACKGROUND Cerebral hyperperfusion syndrome develops in a small subset of patients following carotid artery surgery (CAS) performed to treat severe carotid artery stenosis. This syndrome has been found to have a close correlation with cerebral hyperperfusion occurring after CAS. The purpose of this study is to investigate whether and how the anatomy of the(More)
SUMMARY We have developed a novel catheter system, an intelligent catheter system, which is able to control a catheter by an externally-placed controller. This system has made from master-slave mechanism and has following three components; 1) a joy stick as a master (for operators) 2) a catheter controller as a slave (for a patient), 3) a micro force sensor(More)
SUMMARY Measurement of cerebral blood flow in cerebral endovascular procedures is useful for the assessment of treatment effects. We used transcranial Doppler sonography (TCD) and Doppler guide wires (SmartWire((R)), Cardiometries Co.) in intravascular treatment. The cases were 6 brain arteriovenous malformations (AVM), 2 carotid cavernous fistulas (CCF), 2(More)
We used cerebral digital tomosynthetic angiography for planning the probe trajectory of stereotactic biopsy of brain tumors in four patients. The probe trajectory was basically planned by MRI examinations. However, cerebral digital tomosynthetic angiography demonstrated detailed three-dimensional vascular anatomy around the brain tumors, and therefore was(More)
SUMMARY We analysed fluid dynamics at brain arteries having multiple inflow and out flow like Willis ring based on clinical imaging modalities. In addition, we analysed fluid dynamics with therapeutic devices like coils and stents to simulate their influences to blood flow. 3D CTA and MRA obtained three-dimensional structures of the brain vessels. The(More)
SUMMARY For neck protection technique to prevent migration or protrusion of GDCs, non detachable balloons or microcatheters/wires are used. Non detachable balloon has good protective effect with great effect to the flow in the parent artery which is risky for safe procedure. Microcatheter has little effect to the parent flow and poor protective effect.We(More)
The radiological properties of nanocomposite Fricke gel (NC-FG) dosimeters prepared with different concentrations of nano-clay, perchloric acid and ferrous ions in deaerated conditions were investigated under carbon and argon ion beam irradiation covering a linear-energy-transfer (LET) range of 10 to 3000 eV/nm. We found that NC-FG exhibits radiological(More)
SUMMARY An image guide for aneurysm embolization based on three dimensional CT angiography is reported. Multiplanner reformation (MPR) can measure the neck and dome of the aneurysm accurately enough to select the first coils for aneurysms. For neck evaluation, cut model and virtual endoscope are helpful because we can observe the neck from inside of dome or(More)