Kazuaki Aoki

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To relieve the cognitive impact of interruptions caused by email delivery notifications, we propose an automatic email delivery mediation system based on the user interruptibility, which is estimated from the PC operation activity. A prototype system has been developed to be compatible with existing email clients and to deliver emails at higher estimated(More)
Frequent and uncontrolled interruptions by information systems that do not reflect the user's state can result in fragmented working times and decreased intellectual productivity. To avoid adverse interruptions, interruptibility estimation methods based on PC operation information have been proposed. However, workers who use PCs to accomplish their primary(More)
Experiments performed in controlled environments have revealed that interruptions occurring at application switching (AS), which correspond to task breakpoints in the computer field, are more subjectively acceptable and require shorter resumption lags (RL), which indicate the cognitive cost. Therefore, in this study, we investigate RLs in uncontrolled(More)