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Recording density, domain switching time and bit error rate were evaluated using a data storage system based on scanning nonlinear dielectric microscopy. Congruent lithium tantalate single crystals with the thickness less than 50 nm were used as recording media. Local domain switching was carried out by applying voltage pulse on the recording media using a(More)
Drifting seaweeds plays a major role in areas where they are present. We describe a computer model that clarifies the roles of those seaweeds in relation to their transport using an asynchronous forward and inverse simulation of passive tracers. Ocean currents data from the OFES model (OGCM for the Earth Simulator) is used both to investigate where seaweeds(More)
BaTiO<sub>3</sub> films with higher degrees of (100) orientation were deposited using both of the heterogeneous LaNiO<sub>3</sub> nucleation layer and homogeneous BaTiO<sub>3</sub> buffer layer. The microstructure and dielectric properties are characterized. The temperature dependence of the dielectric properties is additionally discussed. The(More)
In this study, several read/write tests were conducted using novel type of ferroelectric data storage system, which was equipped with spindle motor, under the conditions relatively close to the actual operations. Firstly, high-speed data transfer was demonstrated regarding both reading and writing. Subsequently, the novel non-contact probe-height control(More)
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