Kazimierz Wilkosz

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The paper deals with power system topology verification. The correct model of a power system topology is essential for different power system applications. There are different approaches to power system topology verification. One of these approaches assumes utilization of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs). This approach is considered in the paper, however(More)
—A correct power network topology model is essential from viewpoint of various dispatching control applications. This model is created with use of states of switching devices which are gathered in real-time. In some circumstances, there can be errors in the obtained power network connectivity model. The paper deals with the verification of the mentioned(More)
INTRODUCTION A necessary condition for monitoring and control of a Power System (PS) is possessing a credible model of this system. The PS model for a need of dispatch-ers in national control centre is created in real time. An important element of such a model is a topology model. PS Topology Verification (PSTV) is an important problem in PS engineering.(More)
Data redundancy is crucial for the success of state estimation (SE): for achievement of good and reliable estimates, for efficient processing bad data. The paper presents the review of the methods for measurement placement design assuring adequate data redundancy levels for state estimation. For each of the considered methods, the made assumptions, utilized(More)