Kazimierz Jastrzebski

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Jacqueline Lee has a bright golden skin, yellow flesh, attractive oval shape, and excellent cooking qualities that make it suitable for tablestock use. In addition, it has been determined to have a high level of foliar resistance to the US-8 genotype ofPhytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary under Michigan field and greenhouse conditions. It is a full-season(More)
Late blight (Phytophthora infestons (Mont.) de Bary) has re-emerged as an important pathogen of the cultivated potato (Solanum tuberosum subsp.tubero-sum L.) in North America. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the relative susceptibility of potato germplasm in the greenhouse in order to initiate a breeding program for resistance to the US-8/A2(More)
Greenhouse assays were carried out to characterizeSolanum accessions previously reported to be late blight resistant and to identify individuals within the accessions with high levels of resistance to late blight. Foliage of wildSolanum species accessions or hybrid cultivated potato x wild species (diploid or tetraploid) from Mexico, Russia, or South(More)
The objectives of this study were to evaluate the use of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) late blight (Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary) resistant parents in cultivar development and identify superior clones possessing moderate to high late blight resistance combined with acceptable maturity and tuber quality. Ninety-five crosses were made between eight(More)
Liberator is a round white chip-processing selection with medium-high specific gravity and resistance to scab (Streptomyces scabies Thaxter). The tubers will chip process out of the field and from 10 C storage. The tuber appearance is similar to Norchip. Post-harvest tuber tests indicate a tolerance to fusarium dry rot. Liberator was tested in the North(More)
Dilson A. Bisognin1,3, David S. Douches1,∗, Kazimierz Jastrzebski1 & William W. Kirk2 1Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, 48824, U.S.A.; 2Department of Botany and Plant Pathology, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, 48824, U.S.A.; 3Sponsored by Ministry for Science and Technology – CNPq, Brazil;(More)
Boulder is a round white selection with medium specific gravity that can be used in both the tablestock and chip-processing markets. The tubers will chip process out-of-the-field and from 10 C storage. The tubers of Boulder are large in size with a low incidence of internal defects. Boulder was tested in Michigan State University trials, the North Central(More)
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