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Some characterizations of the Euclidean rectifying curves, i.e. the curves in E 3 which have a property that their position vector always lies in their rectifying plane, are given in [3]. In this paper, we characterize non–null and null rectifying curves, lying fully in the Minkowski 3–space E 3 1. Also, in considering a causal character of a curve we give(More)
In this paper, we characterize the spacelike, the timelike and the null rectifying curves in the Minkowski 3-space in terms of centrodes. In particular, we show that the spacelike and timelike rectifying curves are the extremal curves for which the corresponding function takes its extremal value. On the other hand, we also show that the null rectifying(More)
License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. We define pseudohyperbolical Smarandache curves according to the Sabban frame in Minkowski 3-space. We obtain the geodesic curvatures and the expression for the Sabban frame vectors of special pseudohyperbolic Smarandache(More)
In this paper, by using the similar idea of Matsuda and Yorozu [12], we prove that if bitorsion of a quatenionic curve α is no vanish, then there is no quaternionic curve in E is a Bertrand curve. Then we define (1, 3) type Bertrand curves for quatenionic curve in Euclidean 4-space. We give some characterizations for a (1, 3) type quaternionic Bertrand(More)
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