Kazi Nurul Hasan

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The major objective of the present study was to demonstrate the actions of exogenous melatonin on ovaprim (synthetic GnRH and domperidone)-induced final oocyte maturation focusing on the oxidative status of pre-ovulatory follicles in the carp Catla catla. Accordingly, gravid carp during the early spawning phase of the reproductive cycle were injected with(More)
The present study aimed to evaluate antioxidant role of melatonin in determining seasonality of ovarian growth in adult carp Catla catla. Accordingly, an identical regimen of exogenous melatonin administration (100 μg/100 g body weight per day for 15 days) was followed during the preparatory, prespawning, and spawning phases of an annual reproductive cycle.(More)
Reproduction in most fish is seasonal or periodic, and the spawning occurs in an appropriate season to ensure maximum survival of the offspring. The sequence of reproductive events in an annual cycle is largely under the control of a species-specific endogenous timing system, which essentially relies on a well-equipped physiological response mechanism to(More)
The present study on carp Catla catla is the first attempt to search for a relationship between the concentrations of melatonin, oxidative status, and oocyte dynamics in the ovary of any fish. We measured the levels of melatonin, different antioxidative agents, and the marker of intracellular stress along with the profiles of different developmental stages(More)
The purpose of present study was to demonstrate the response of gut melatoninergic system to Aeromonas hydrophila infection for 3 or 6 days and search for its correlation with the activity of different antioxidative and digestive enzymes to focus their interplay under pathophysiological conditions in carp (Catla catla). Microscopic study of gut in infected(More)
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