Kazi A. Zaman

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Large organizations have a multitude of data sources across the enterprise and want to obtain business value from all of them. While the majority of these data sources may be consolidated in an enterprise data warehouse, many business units have their own data marts where analysis is carried out against data stored in multidimensional data structures. It is(More)
In this paper we describe an ongoing research project called the Columbia Digital News System. The goal of this project is to develop a suite of eeective interoperable tools with which people can nd relevant information (text, images, video, and structured documents) from distributed sources and track it over a period of time. Our initial focus is on the(More)
Datacube queries compute aggregates over database relations at a variety of granularities, and they constitute an important class of decision support queries. Often one wants only datacube output tuples whose aggregate value satisfies a certain condition, such as exceeding a given threshold. For example, one might ask for all combinations of model, color,(More)
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