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This paper presents a novel solution, based on the Imperialistic Competition Algorithm (ICA), in order to determine the feasible optimal solution of the Generation Scheduling (GS) problem, in power systems with large scale wind farms. The reserve requirement, load balance and wind power availability constraints are considered in this work. In order to solve(More)
Microgrids (MGs) are considered as a key solution for integrating renewable and distributed energy resources, combined heat and power (CHP) systems, as well as distributed energy-storage systems. This paper presents a stochastic programming framework for conducting optimal 24-h scheduling of CHP-based MGs consisting of wind turbine, fuel cell, boiler, a(More)
The discrete skewed Laplace distribution is a flexible distribution with integer domain and simple closed form that can be applied to model count data. Parameters are estimated under empirical Bayes (EB) analysis and comparison are made between the Bayesian parameter estimation and classical parameter estimation, i.e. the maximum likelihood (ML) approach.(More)
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