Kazem Kazerounian

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This paper presents a novel method, Pseudo-Interference Stiffness Estimation (PISE), for evaluating the contact compliance and the contact load in the contacting elastic solids. The PISE method is based on the evaluation of the geometric overlap of two assumedly rigid bodies and estimation of the contact force based on this artificial overlap area (or(More)
The reduction of the computational complexity of the algorithms dealing with protein structure analysis and conformation predictions is of prime importance. One common element in most of these algorithms is the process of transforming geometrical information between dihedral angles and Cartesian coordinates of the atoms in the protein using rotational(More)
The synthesis of functional molecular linkages is constrained by difficulties in fabricating nano-links of arbitrary shapes and sizes. Thus, the classical mechanism synthesis methods, which assume the ability to manufacture any designed links, cannot provide a systematic process for assembling such linkages. We propose a new approach to build functional(More)