Kazem Kazerounian

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The synthesis of functional molecular linkages is constrained by difficulties in fabricating nano-links of arbitrary shapes and sizes. Thus, the classical mechanism synthesis methods, which assume the ability to manufacture any designed links, cannot provide a systematic process for assembling such linkages. We propose a new approach to build functional(More)
In this paper we examine the sensitive dependence on the initial conditions of the Newton-Raphson search technique. It is demonstrated that this sensitivity has a fractal nature which can be effectively utilized to find all solutions to a nonlinear equation. The developed technique uses an important feature of fractals to preserve shape of basins of(More)
A reliable prediction of 3D protein structures from sequence data remains a big challenge due to both theoretical and computational difficulties. We have previously shown that our kineto-static compliance method (KCM) implemented into the Protofold package can overcome some of the key difficulties faced by other de novo structure prediction methods, such as(More)