Kazami Yamamoto

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The "Nutrient Load Hysteresis Coefficient" was proposed to evaluate the hysteresis of the nutrient loads to flow rate quantitatively. This could classify the runoff patterns of nutrient load into 15 patterns. Linear relationships between the turbidity and the concentrations of particulate nutrients were observed. It was clarified that the linearity was(More)
We researched the Ishikari river, Japan's second-longest river, to clarify the characteristics of non-point pollution by comparing flux characteristics of chemical components in three periods of one year: the snow melting period, the typhoon flooding period and the stable period. We found non-point pollutants present in great amounts because a large amount(More)
The flow and heat transfer in two planar impinging jets are investigated using Large-Eddy simulation and experiments. The jet Reynolds number based on nozzle width and centerline velocity is 500. Predictions are obtained of unforced jets in addition to forced cases in which periodic injection and suction is applied at the nozzle exit of each jet. The goal(More)
MARS14 Monte Carlo simulations were performed for collimation and shielding studies of the J-PARC 3 GeV synchrotron ring. The beam line module locations in the 348.3 m ring and the curved tunnel sections were described by the 'MAD-MARS beam line builder' tool. A 400 MeV proton beam loss distribution, calculated with the STRUCT code, was used as a 4 kW(More)
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